Why It?s Hard To Find Great Gifts Bird Lovers Will Adore [I can help you]

It was my birthday a few months ago and I was once again spoilt by my family ? breakfast in bed, some lovely gifts and lots of hugs, kisses and well wishes.? And really how can it get any better than that?? Big thank you?s to my fam.

Bairthday Cake With Candles

At some point I wondered why I always seem to receive lovely, (but a bit generic) gifts each year ? not why I receive gifts at all (because they love me!) ? but why those particular gifts? I rarely receive gifts that are related to my interests – you know, gifts based around my love of budgies or crafting.? Don?t get me wrong ? I?m not complaining but it?s something that I did wonder.

Was it about lack of choice? Nope. ?Leaving gift buying to the last minute? Nope – c’mon, you had all year.

I came to the conclusion that perhaps the reason is because in spite of knowing me very well ?they know my favourite hobbies and interests – (reading, crafting, Game of Thrones, BUDGIES) and they also know the things I do not care about ?(cooking, fitness, politics, fashion), perhaps buying a budgie or bird related gift for me is really hard?


Testing My Theory Using Google

Armed with this newfound insight I did some research based around my interests and jumped on Google to find out how hard it might be to find me the perfect gift.

[Hubby – if you?re reading this, your future gift buying is probably about to get easier]

What did I discover?

I was right (again). It was really hard!

Google Attempt 1: ‘Gift Ideas For Women’

Putting on my male brain I searched how I thought my husband might. A generic search for ?gift ideas for women? would probably be his first idea, and it would fetch results like this:

Google Search Phrase Gift Ideas For Women

Google Search Result for Gift Ideas For Women

As much as I love the internet and online shopping ? searching through those 446 000 000 results to find me a gift would pretty much take forever. Most of the suggestions in the results fetched by Google are definitely not for me ? except maybe the Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Bookends!? Now that could be a winner!


Google Attempt 2: ‘Gift Ideas For Women Who Love Budgies’

And with refining the search to be more specific:

Google Search Result Gift Ideas For Women Who Love Budgies

Still seven million results! Slightly more encouraging that individual budgie themed gifts have been featured and Etsy has made an appearance but as much as I love browsing on Etsy, I?m pretty sure my husband would hate searching though the hundreds of listings to find something!


Google Attempt 3: ‘Gift Ideas For Women Who Love Budgies And Reading’

Surely if he searched using even more specific terms that described my interests, the results would list some really great gift ideas?? Let?s see what I got.

Google Search Phrase Gift Ideas For Women Who Loves Budgies And Reading

Google Search result For Gift Ideas For Women Who Love Budgies And Reading

Four and half million search results and only very generic ?85 Creative Gift Ideas For Bird Lovers? and some other budgie keeping info.? Boring. Not a budgie themed book in sight.

Hubby would give up and go buy me a box of (non-budgie, non-book and non-crafting related) – but very yummy? chocolates. And maybe some flowers.


What Did Google Teach Me?

So what did I learn from all this research?

Well, it?s actually really, really hard to find a highly relevant and amazing gift for me on the web without spending days/months/years!

So much ‘stuff’ on the web, yet so little results actually relevant to what was searched for.? I know a bit about Google algorithms and Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) and all that stuff, but really?


It Could Be So Easy To Buy A Great Gift!

How much easier would it be if a Google search like ?Great Gift Ideas for Women who Love Budgies and Reading and Crafting? actually returned highly specific results with titles such as:

  • ?Great Gift Ideas For Budgie Lovers Who Also Love To Read?, or
  • ?Book Themed Gift Ideas For Budgie Lovers?, or
  • ‘Give Your Wife What She Really Wants – A Good Book and a Cute Handmade Budgie Mug’ or even
  • ?If You Buy One Of These Book Themed Gifts For Your Budgie Loving Wife, You Might Even Get Lucky This Week?.

I would bet big dollars that my husband would click on those links real quick and ultimately find me the perfect gift!

Especially the last…

I sense an opportunity for smart marketers to attract specific niche shoppers to their business, but am sad that so few are appearing to do so, or is it Google gives importance to much bigger (and better paying) sites. I guess marketing to very small, multi faceted target interest groups is just too small a market to invest valuable advertising dollars and top results in Google are given to the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

So, to my husband and other significant others who might be reading this, well done on your perseverance in finding me awesomely generic gifts, year after year. I really do appreciate them and now realise that finding a perfect gift specifically tailored to ME is a lot harder than I thought.

Handwritten Thank You Message

My Offer To You

[It’s Completely Free And No Strings Attached]

To help people who also have the same problem finding inspired gifts for their bird crazy loved ones, over the next few weeks I am going to conduct a very unscientific experiment and write a few highly specific ?gift idea? articles that take the pain out of finding the perfect gift for your significant other.

Is there someone in your life that you would like me to find a great gift for?? Does he or she love budgies and ?something? else?? I would love to put together a list of great gifts just for you, but be quick ? I will limit my research to only five gift guides.

If you want to jump on board ? leave me a message here and I will get down to business!

Stay tuned for some great (and very specific) gift guides ? I can?t wait to see what we find.

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