Unique Pet Bird Names – A to Z Mega List

The Naming Dilemma

Naming your pet is often at the top of the ‘To Do’ list when you first buy a new pet.

Picking a name is fun, but can sometimes feel overwhelming when inspiration fails.? Do you go with a popular bird name? A single word or double word name??A unique pet bird name?

There’s no right or wrong way to pick a name for your budgie.?The most important consideration is to choose a name you love, because you’ll be saying it a lot!

This article will outline some common approaches to choosing a name and features links to an awesome A to Z Mega List.


Method: Traditional Name

Just like naming a baby, many pet owners will take a traditional path when naming their pet.? This could mean:

  • a family name or variation (Lizzie – after aunt Elizabeth, whom you might be awfully fond of (or not))
  • a traditional bird name (Charlie, Polly, Rocky, Sam)
  • following what I like to call the ‘Clarrie’ method – giving each successive pet the name of the previous one (Sarah I, Sarah II, Sarah III)? Yes this really is true! Clarrie really did name every pet dog he ever owned Sarah. He swore it made logical sense!


Method: Appearance & Personality Name

This is an easy method of choosing a name and is based on the appearance of your new pet:

  • Color (Black Beauty, Snowy, Ginger)
  • Distinct markings (Tiger, Sox, Patch, Freckles)
  • Size (Tiny, Slinky, Chubb)
  • Body parts (Claws, Feathers, Paws)
  • Sound (Tweety, Woof, Squeak, Barkley, Squawk)
  • Personality (Lover boy, Snooty, Crackers, Sir, Queenie)


Method: Popular Name

This category covers a wide range of popular naming origins, many of which would make very unique pet bird names.? They include:

  • Baby names (just about anything!)
  • Fictional names from movies, books, music (Cookie, Elmo, Aladin, Atticus, Mr Darcy (yes please!) Buzz, Woody)
  • Celebrity names (the weirder the better – Bowie, Elektra, Miley, Pink, Prince)


Method: Environmental / Locational Name

Finally, a whole bunch of unique bird names can be inspired by our own mother earth – or beyond. Take a look at these:

  • Nature (Breezy, Ocean, Aqua, Forrest, Sunny)
  • Location (Paris, Florence, Brooklyn, India, Rio)
  • Space (Moon, Sun, Venus, Pluto)


How Will You Name Your Budgie?

Inspiration for naming your pet budgie can be anywhere and everywhere.

I suggest starting a list in the weeks before you buy your pet and keeping adding to it as you find interesting and unique names that you like.? By the time you welcome your new budgie into the family, you should have quite a list of potential names to choose from.

If you still need some help in choosing a unique budgie name, look no further!

By searching high and low, far and wide, and covering all the categories listed above, I have done all the hard work and put together for you the most awesome and inspirational A to Z Mega List of budgie names to be found on the internet.

A to Z Mega List

Links below will take you to unique bird names sub sections.








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