Pet Water Drinking Fountains ? How To Use A Catit Or Pedy Fountain For Your Budgie

It might seem strange to see a review of a pet water drinking fountain here on a budgie website and I agree – it is! But stay with me here and I’ll explain.

A few months ago I saw a Youtube clip that featured some cute budgies having a great time bathing using a pet water drinking fountain. I think it was a Catit brand fountain – one with a flower sprinkler on top that provided gentle droplets of water that the budgies happily played around under.? I thought what a great idea – I’m going to buy a fountain quick smart for Echo, my budgie, to try.

A quick look on the web brought up a plethora of brands and types of pet water drinking fountains – I specifically looked for the budgie friendly version featured in that Youtube video. I admit, I didn’t look around too much to read buyer reviews on the different brands – I figured that regardless of the brand, if the design was the same, I would have no problems.? I bought the Pedy Cat Water Fountain and eagerly awaited its arrival.

We all know that it’s important to keep our pets hydrated for optimal health and wellbeing but I had assumed that cats and dogs would surely just drink from a basic bowl of water.? Well, no – not all do!? I’m not sure if some pets are super fussy or taste sensitive, but there are pets that prefer to drink from running water – like straight from a tap or hose!? My cat Billy is one of ‘those’ cats.



So in my enthusiasm to buy a pretty awesome (read upmarket) budgie bath, I’ve also got myself a water bowl my cat will actually drink from!? I was getting rather tired of Billy’s demands for me to turn on the kitchen water tap just so he could have a drink.? He now frequently drinks from the water fountain as it bubbles up from the reservoir – I have to remove the cute flower sprinkler, but that’s not hard to do.

But I digress – getting back to water fountains for budgie use -?read on for some general budgie bathing information, bathing options, my review of the Pedy Cat Water Fountain and how I modified it to suit better.

How Budgies Bathe In The Wild

You might find it interesting to know that in their native environment, budgerigars inhabit the arid and semi-arid regions of Australia. Now, Australia is a huge mass of land and most of it (except around the coastal areas and northern most parts) is pretty dry – most of the time.? Budgies are nomadic – they move around in order to obtain food, water and shelter in what can be a fairly inhospitable environment.

Budgies will bathe when the opportunity presents itself in nature – in shallow pools of water, by rolling in wet grass, or by sitting under dripping tree leaves.



Types Of Baths For Companion Budgies

So obviously it’s not a great idea to let your pet budgie fly free outside in a natural environment in order for it to bathe like it would in the wild!? And there are plenty of safer options to choose from – I’ll briefly mention some here.

Basic Bird Bath

These are very basic, small sized plastic baths that sometimes come as part of the initial cage setup. Nothing wrong with them at all but they are quite small and don’t allow much room for movement or fun stuff.

Shallow Tray Of Water

A shallow plate with water can make an effective bath for a budgie.? They can be sat on the base of the cage if the cage is big enough to accommodate it, and if you have multiple birds, they can bathe together.? Pay attention to where bird poop is accumulating from above and place the bath somewhere away from the firing zone!? No-one likes to bathe in a bath full of poop!

Incorporating a daily budgie bath as part of ‘out of cage’ play time allows the use of a much bigger dish and it’s cute to watch.

Tip: Try putting some grass or lettuce leaves in the water to mimic a more natural habitat – most budgies will appreciate that!

Clip On Cage Designs

I like these for their cage space saving benefits and they are inexpensive to buy. Most are designed to fit over the small feed container doors and if they are made clear, your fid (feathered kid) can have a bathing room with a view. My cage has only front feeding doors and when the clip on bath is attached, it does stick out a bit.? I would recommend to use them on cages with side feeding doors.

Lixit sell a hybrid variety of clip on bird bath that can be used inside or outside of the birdcage. It’s called the Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath – I don’t have one of these but they have sold a ton on Amazon and the reviews are good. If my Pedy water fountain ever dies, this is what I’m going to buy next. I think it has great versatility.

Kitchen Tap

Yes! Truly!? ?Some birds like to bathe by sitting on your finger under a gentle, warm stream of water.? Talk about simplistic!? If your birdie likes this you are sure to have lots of fun with the personal interaction. Take photos 🙂

Shower Bath

I’ve also seen suction cap bird perches that can be adhered to a window or shower wall that enable birdie to bathe with you.? Not under a hot shower stream mind you – but off to the side where it’s steamy and misty.? Once again – I haven’t used one of these personally.? I’m not sure I’m ready to bathe with my budgie!? If you haven’t seen one of these suction perches here’s what they look like.? Don’t take photos 😉

Natural Dripping Leaves

I mentioned before in the ‘How Budgies Bathe In The Wild’ section that budgies will perch under dripping leaves in order to have a type of bath.? If you want to give this a go – I would hang wet leaves from the roof of the cage directly above a perch. This will allow your bird to sit underneath at will to fluff about and enjoy the gentle dripping of water.

Pet Water Drinking Fountains

This option really is a combination of most of the above ones – albeit the most expensive option.? But hey – you can buy one in the range of $20-40 USD, it’s probably not going to break the budget too much.

There are a variety on the market and as they are actually designed for dogs and cats, you need to look carefully at designs suitable for a small bird.? A deep water collection well will not be safe, nor are designs with narrow drainage holes which can trap birdie claws. A design with a lip will allow your budgie to perch next to the water to observe and familiarise itself with the fountain.


Review Of Pedy Cat Water Fountain

Pedy Pet Fountain: Modified For Budgies

Summary and Specifications

The Pedy Pet Fountain is a fantastic way to keep your pet hydrated. And your Budgie clean and entertained!
Choice of 3 different water flows – fountain, waterfall, or bubbler, sure to please the fussiest pet. Coconut shell activated carbon filter screens out impurities and ensures optimal oxygenation – keeping the water fresh.

Water Capacity: 56 oz 1.6 ltr

Dimensions: 7 1/2 inch (diameter) x 4 1/2 inch (height)

Voltage: Input AC 110V 60HZ (UL) 230 V 50HZ (GS)

Output AC 12V

Power Consumption: 2 w

Pump: Ultra low noise submersible AC pump with suction pads

Filtration: Replaceable high iodine, coconut shell activated carbon filter

Cord Length: 71 inch? 1.8 m

  • Instructions
  • Assembly
  • Cleaning
  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Fun factor


Quiet operation

3 water flow options

Easy to clean

Easy to assemble

Multiple birds can use at once (2-3)

Long cord length

Non slip silicon mat provided



No water level indicator

Flower sprinkler head could be taller


I felt that the flower sprinkler was a bit close to the base and Echo found it hard to fully get under the fountain to bathe. He did enjoy splashing around near the sprinkler and perching on the lip of the fountain so I thought it worth trying to improve the design by adding extra height to the fountain to make it more budgie friendly.

This is how I did it.


Supplies Needed

Clear Vinyl Tubing used to extend fountain


3 inches (7.5 cm) of 1/2 inch (10 mm)? Vinyl tubing – straight piece with no curve

2 inches (5cm) of 5/16 inch (8 mm) Vinyl tubing – straight piece with no curve


1. Insert narrowest diameter vinyl tubing into one end of larger diameter tubing to form a long straight tube.

2. Turn off power to pet fountain and remove plug from socket (safety first!)

3. Take off the flower sprinkler head from base of fountain.

4.. Insert the narrow diameter end of vinyl tubing onto the tubular end of the flower sprinkler head.

5. Replace flower sprinkler head to base of fountain. It won’t fit snug into the base but this won’t affect how the fountain performs.

6. Enjoy watching birdie being able to fully get under the flower sprinkler water


Should You Buy A Fountain For Your Budgie?

I really love watching my budgie enjoy bathing under the pet fountain – he patters around in the shallow water and and fluffs his feathers up, obviously enjoying his bath. It makes me want to frolic under an outdoor sprinkler in the summer sun!

Whether you purchase a pet fountain for your budgie is a matter of personal choice. It’s important for all budgies to have access to some form of regular bathing method, but a simple plastic container will work just as good as a pet water fountain. For those on a tight budget, the cost of a Pedy or Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain might be unjustified.? For budgie owners with a little more wriggle room for extravagances – I say go for it!

Thanks for reading my review post. If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with using a pet water fountain for your budgie – you know what to do – leave me a comment!

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