11 Bird Themed Gifts Garden Lovers Will Really Dig [Gift Guide]

If you’ve been following my posts recently you might have come across a little rant I had about how hard it was to find a great gift (for me) by searching the internet. You can read it here.

At the end of that post I made an offer to readers that I would trawl the www to find great gifts for their budgie loving friends, moms, dads or significant others, and would compile a truly personal gift guide just for them.

The catch?

I needed to know one other thing about their intended gift recipient. Do they love budgies AND cooking, love budgies AND traveling, love budgies AND … I’m sure you get the picture!

The offer is only open for five unique gift guide requests and I’m happy to say that request number one has been filled by Clara N. Clara would like a gift guide for her mom Sylvia, who loves parakeets (budgies) and gardening.

So, Clara (and Sylvia) this post is dedicated to you!

Glass Bird Aqua Bulbs

A set of three beautiful, hand-blown glass watering bulbs – perfect for container plants – that ensures your plants receive water when they need it! Each bird holds approx. 2 ounces of water and measures 11 inches in total length.

Bird Garden Statue

This modern and minimal (but slightly overweight), birdie will look great peeking through some colorful flowers in the garden. Standing sturdy on a flat antiqued iron base, the hand-painted resin statue is approx. 24 inches tall.

Brass Bird Outdoor Faucets

A set of 2, brass faucets with connectors and featuring cute birds handles. Filling the watering can or turning on the hose has never looked so appealing! Can be bought as a single faucet if you don’t need two.

Parakeet Wind Spinner

Add a touch of colorful fun and whimsy to the garden with a green and yellow budgie wind spinner. Quick to assemble, it’s made from polyester ripstop and measures approx 17 inches (H) x 12 inches (D)

Decorative Bird on Shovel Silhouette

A unique, hand-made rusted steel decoration that would look great in large planters in a country garden. It measures 17 inches (H) x 4.5 inches (D). Looks great, but you can’t dig with it!

Gardening Tool Set

Not strictly ‘bird’ themed but I had to include this garden tool set because of those ‘bird claw’ gardening gloves! They seriously look like they could scratch an eye out if you’re not careful.. This is a 9 piece set including five gardening tools, secateurs, spray bottle, carryall, and those very scary gloves.

Hanging Planter Wall Bracket

A versatile gift that a nifty gardener will quickly find can be used in many ways. Made from wrought iron, this birdie bracket is perfect for hanging plants, lanterns, wind chimes or bird feeders. (Click through to read the rather bizarre product description, but have no fear, there are plenty of positive reviews…)

Cast Iron Base Bird Bath

Transform the backyard, garden or patio into an oasis for your feathered friends with this handsome cast iron base, aluminum top bird bath. Features a bird drinking from a lotus leaf – very sweet. Measures 34 inches (H) on an 18 inch base.

Solar LED Light Glass Garden Stake

Turn up the night time garden glamour with a stunning glass solar LED light garden stake. Light up a dark pathway or add a colorful accent to the flower bed in a choice of three colors – teal, blue or green. (Teal is my favorite) Requires several hours of sunshine per day for full illumination and is designed for year-round weather.

Twine Holder with Shears

Every gardener knows that twine is very useful in the garden but never close by when you need it. Solve that problem with this cast iron twine holder. Measuring 8 inches tall and paired with shears and roll of twine, this is a handy gift that’s perfect for the home gardener.

Welcome Sign

How sweet are these four colorful birds! A beautiful welcome awaits visitors to your house or garden with this 10 inch, polyresin UV resistant figurine.

So there you have it – 11 unique, beautiful and affordable gift ideas perfect for budgie loving gardeners!

Clara, I hope you find your mom the perfect gift and I would love to hear your feedback about this gift guide, made especially for you (and your mom).

My offer for a personalized gift guide for budgie lovers who also love SOMETHING else is still open for four more requests.

Do you have someone who would benefit from a personalized gift guide? Leave me a message here or on my original post and I will get to work 🙂

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